viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013
At last our project is finished! Just as a brief summary, I'd like to let you know that my partner and I lernt several things while making this out. In the first place, working along together was what we challenged first. Ideas came but our hesitations made them change over and over again to the point of colapsing. However, we could acomplish this final and most important task that gathered all the abilities, skills and knowledge we all acquired from this course, Tecnología Educativa.

PROYECTO_FINAL Alonzo Kau-Isis Hernández.docx by Isis Hernández Colli

Prezi Presentation as Project Diagram

It is essential to have a clear vision of what you want to do and with whom when elaborating an academic project whether it will be applied or not. In order for a well organization of your ideas and points, you can make a species of diagram that will help you to follow the right path. In our case (Isis Collie and me), we found very easy to place all our project's parts as a whole after having done this presentation.


lunes, 29 de abril de 2013
These are the Rubrics Isis and I are going to work on in order to evaluate the Reading and Writing Skills in our project activity. It was made on Rubistar (online tool that allows you to easily create a variety of guide-like sheets for rubrics to any kind of activity).

Another Glogster Poster

miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013
This is just another Glogster I made. It was about a theoreical situation in which I decided it's best to apply Games and Discussion as Intructional Methods.

In my experience...

Talking generally, I have lernt so many things in these first units of Tecnología Educativa.  First of all, I realized how technology is improving not only classroom equipment but also the way in which Education is delivered. Actually, Teaching perspectives and Learning Styles Theory made helped me to understand thoroughly the relationship between Technology and Education. Later, the Intructional Methods came to reforce and join all those concepts I had in my mind into a better one. To illustrate, my classmates and I are already capable to create a situation, a theoretical one, related to teaching and learning that will be analyzed and solved according to the requirements presented. As a conclusion, it allowed me be eclectic, and even aware of it, upon those issues of Education.

What I liked the most was the online tools we lernt to use during these units. Prezi, Mindomo and Glogster were predominant. In my case, I prefer using Glogster because it provides a large variety of items you are allowed to use in order to be widely creative, for Educational purposes and even more. After that, we started to use Blogs to share or work on those web pages I just mentioned. Currently, we are making opinios on Wikis. For me the Educational Technology Class' main goal, has already begun to fullfill.


viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013
Para usuarios de Internet Explorer: Acceder al wiki

Benefits of using Weblogs

martes, 12 de marzo de 2013
Using weblogs, especially for education, could be as useful as any other tool. As a media tool, it provides many things we can use, change, add and so on. For example, in this course of Tecnología Educativa we had to share our work using a weblog so that everyone will be able to see it, observe it and even make a comment about it. Most people use a blog for the same purpose, share. If you have ever used one or even tried to make your own, you will surely know what I am saying. If not, you can try it. It's easy to use and you can personalize it.

Regarding to the use of weblogs, there are some specific characteristics that help it to be more interesting. Firstly, it allows you to introduce your page. Then, there are plenty of functions it gives to organize your information or posts. For example, we've got gadgets. They serve to add extra functions, say, a small explorer, one that shows your posts, you can add links to other web pages and blogs, etc. Also, you can add media content, like a video, images and pictures, sound and everything that could be placed by adding the embed code. You can change the template too, as well as move the gadgets and chenge the look of your posts by placing it anyplace you want in your blog. These are some of its features, and the principal ones.

With respect to education, we can give it a more academic usage. In learning languages, for example and without loosing the main purpose of weblogs which is sharing, we as teachers can gathered all the information we want our students to explore and comprehend and share it using this tool. It could be some web pages related to one topic, tutorial videos from the web, dynamic games and exercises on line as well as all the work we do with media. These are some examples of how one could use blogs, but there are much more; however, we need some creativity.

Still talking about education and how blogs contributes in it, we can state instructional methods are involved in. In my point of view, tutorial could be the first one because any kind of information could be uploaded, thus one can add something about a given topic in order to solve doubts and add extra information to what was previosly seen and acknowledged. Likewise, cooperative learning is directly related to the usage of this tool. For example when we make a comment, we are pointing out what we find wrong or what was new for us and so on, we are working altogether cooperatively. The rest of the instructional methods are related too, but not as evident as the ones I pointed out. The way the blog will take depends on what its owner want to do.